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Re: [Question #143529]: Cannot launch Debugger


Question #143529 on Yade changed:

Václav Šmilauer proposed the following answer:
Hi Thao,

first, do you have gdb installed?

Second, you can always run Yade in debugger from the start,

$ gdb /usr/bin/python
(gdb) run /usr/local/bin/yade-something --debug script.py ## put where yade is installed
... ## wait for it to crap out
(gdb) thread apply bt full

Third, watch out for the debug=True/False flag. If you compile with
debugging, you need to run yade with --debug, otherwise the non-debug
version (which installs plugins without the /dbg/ subdir) is run.

HTH, v.

(PS. Please for the others... I appreciate that you are trying to
answer, but... can you be more to the point perhaps? No offense.)

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