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Citing Yade in publications


Dear all,

We decided to let Yade documentation be cited directly in publications,
like other scientific papers.
Please have a look at this page (quoted below) for consistent
bibliographic references : https://yade-dem.org/doc/citing.html.

"In order to let users cite Yade consistently in publications, we
provide a list of bibliographic references for the different parts of
the documentation, as in the citation model pushed by CGAL
<http://www.cgal.org/bibliography.html>. This way of acknowledging Yade
is also a way to make developments and documentation of Yade more
attractive for researchers, who are evaluated on the basis of citations
of their work by others. We therefore kindly ask users to cite Yade as
accurately as possible in their papers. A more detailed discussion of
the citation model and its application to Yade can be found here

Best Regards.