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Re: [Question #147640]: Capillay triaxial test


Question #147640 on Yade changed:

Chareyre proposed the following answer:

If the capillary stress and output succion are null, it is because
either the input succion (capillaryPressure) is too high (liquid bonds
are all broken) or too low (the sample is almost saturated).
With the particles sizes we have in the default example, it needs a very
low succion to get meniscii. I just tried with 100Pa, it works. It also
means you get a very small capillary stress (~1Pa!) and negligeable
effect on stress-strain behaviour. Although it is physicaly correct with
spheres diameters of 5cm, it is probably not what you want. 
So, yes, you should generate smaller grains.

... and I'll change the default size eventually...


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