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[Question #165522]: How to rotate a predefined packing


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Hi there,

just wondering, is there a way to rotate a packing before or during a simulation? 

In fact, I would like to load a predefined packing (doing ymport.text(packing.spheres)) in my simulation and rotate it before applying any loading. The idea would be to perform triaxial compressive tests respectively along the 3 principal directions of the packing to characterize its anisotropy (I work with special packings).

I tried to play with the definition of the walls ids in the triaxialCompressionEngine, but it seems that changing the ids in accordance with the translationAxis does not work (Am I right?). I know that there is a ThreeDTriaxialCompressionEngine, but it does not allow to perform the same loading than the classic version without going into the definition of an additional function to check for the state of stress and to consequently modify the stress/strain control.

If no solution exists, would it be possible to add a function "rotate" similar to the "shift" already implemented in the Ymport.text? If yes, would you have any suggestions to do it properly?

Thanks in advance


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