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Re: [Question #165417]: Fluid Simulation


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Christian Jakob posted a new comment:
> Hi Christian,
> Do you know published references about this limitation to 10-20
> particles per cell minimum? I heard that many times but couldn't find
> anything precise (Feng Chen maybe?).

PFC3D - CCFD Add-On manual (2008) page 2-9 (practical considerations):

"This coupling methodology is designed to describe the average coupling
forces occuring within one fluid element. Flow around the particles is
not explicitly represented, as the local porosity is assumed to be
evenly distributed within one element. For good results, several
particles should fit inside one CFD element:

dx/(2*r) > 5 [eq. 2.19]"

dx - fluid element length
r - particle radius

My personal experience with this code is to use better 50 to 100
particles (then 10-20) within each fluid element. I also only use so-
called one-way-coupling. That means that only the fluid acts on the
particles. I tried to use with full coupling, but after a few steps my
model always explodes ... :o


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