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[Question #166741]: Torque on a mesh body


New question #166741 on Yade:


I need to calculate the forces and torques acting on a mesh body when it is contact with particles. I have already tried to use the ForceRecorder and TorqueRecorder, but somehow it shows always a zero value. 
To calculate the forces I used then:


and tested the result by summing the O.forces.f(i) for all i in the mesh. Same result!
I tried to the same for utils.sumTorques, but I cannot understand how this function should work. In the yade doc I found:

"yade._utils.sumTorques((list)ids, (Vector3)axis, (Vector3)axisPt) → float¶
    Sum forces and torques on bodies given in ids with respect to axis specified by a point axisPt and its direction axis."

Does it gives the value of force+torque??
I also printed hier the values O.forces.t(i) for all i in the mesh and considered the axisPt as (0,0,0) or as the centre of the mesh (this is a cylinder). For both tentatives I could not find the same value given by sumTorques. 

Could someone explain me how the function utils.sumTorques works?

Thanks for the help!

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