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[Question #167235]: compilation problem


New question #167235 on Yade:

While compiling yade 0.20.2 I got the following error.

gayan@gayan-Prime-Series:~/yade-0.20-2$ scons PREFIX=/home/gayan/YADE
scons: Reading SConscript files ...
@@@ Using profile default (scons.profile-default) @@@
Yade version is `unknown', installed files will be suffixed with `-unknown'.
All intermediary files will be in `/home/gayan/build-unknown'.
Checking whether c++ compiler "g++" works...(cached) yes
Checking for pthread_exit(NULL) in C library pthread... (cached) yes
Checking for boost::system::error_code(); /* non-essential */ in C++ library boost_system-mt... yes
Checking for boost::thread::thread() in C++ library boost_thread-mt... yes
Checking for boost::posix_time::time_duration::time_duration() in C++ library boost_date_time-mt... yes
Checking for boost::filesystem::path() in C++ library boost_filesystem-mt... yes
Checking for boost::iostreams::file_sink("") in C++ library boost_iostreams-mt... yes
Checking for boost::regex("") in C++ library boost_regex-mt... yes
Checking for try{} catch (const boost::archive::archive_exception& e) {} in C++ library boost_serialization-mt... yes
Checking for boost::program_options::options_description o in C++ library boost_program_options-mt... yes
Checking for C++ header file boost/foreach.hpp... yes
Checking for sqlite3_close(0L) in C++ library sqlite3... yes
Checking for glutGetModifiers() in C++ library glut... yes
Checking for gts_object_class() in C++ library gts... yes
Checking for qt-mt in /usr/share/qt3... no
Checking for qt-mt in /usr/lib/qt... no
Checking for qt-mt in /usr/lib/qt3... no
Checking for qt-mt in /usr/qt/3... no
Checking for qt-mt in /usr/lib/qt-3.3... no
Checking for Python development files... no

ERROR: Unable to compile with optional feature `python'.

If you are sure, remove it from features (scons features=featureOne,featureTwo for example) and build again.

Is it ok to remove python from features and compile? ( I am unconsious as many codes are in python). 
Is there any other alternative to ignore this error?
I also have 0.60.2 installed but it did not give any problem.

Thank you and really appreciate your help.

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