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Re: [Question #167039]: removing features at compiling


Question #167039 on Yade changed:

Christian Jakob posted a new comment:
After compiling yade to /home/gayan/YADE20 there should be a folder /home/gayan/YADE20/bin.
In this folder is an executable (e.g. in my folder it is called yade-bzr2877). You can execute this file with the command /home/gayan/YADE20/bin/yade-0.2 (I dont know how your executable is called, so I called it yade-0.2). If you dont want to type in this long command every time you use yade, you can edit your .bashrc in the home directory and add following line:

alias yade20='/home/gayan/YADE20/bin/yade-0.2'

After restarting your bash (command: . ~/.bashrc), you can call yade with command yade20.
If you want to use more than one yade version you can edit .bashrc analog, e.g.

alias yade60='/home/gayan/YADE60/bin/yade-0.6'



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