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[Question #169595]: Implementation of Normal and Shear Cohesion


New question #169595 on Yade:

Hi all,

I'm just wondering about the Physics unity of the normalCohesion and shearCohesion parameters of a cohesive frictional material.

Here is the part of the Ip2_CohFrictMat_CohFrictMat_CohFrictPhys :

contactPhysics->normalAdhesion = std::min(sdec1->normalCohesion,sdec2->normalCohesion)*pow(std::min(geom->radius2, geom->radius1),2);
contactPhysics->shearAdhesion = std::min(sdec1->shearCohesion,sdec2->shearCohesion)*pow(std::min(geom->radius2, geom->radius1),2);

So is it some Pascals ? Why using the area of a square of length=radius ?


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