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Re: [Question #670033]: Export Deviatoric loading phase data


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Robert Caulk proposed the following answer:
Welcome to Yade!

Do you mind if I take a moment to help you? :-)
For Yade newcomers, such as yourself, I highly recommend bookmarking the general Yade doc [1] and the class reference [2]. Most questions are easily answered by using ctrl-F in the doc. If not, the next step is to search this forum with keywords. 

Next, you will find that your Yade related questions (and general
computational forum questions) will receive prompt and accurate answers
when you supply descriptive information. For example, in the current
question, you have not provided descriptive information - I have no way
to tell you how to export "the data" because you have not specified
which data you wish to export. Strain (axial? volumetric?)? Stress
(mean? deviatoric?)? Porosity? Velocity? Contact forces? Cohesive
status? Positions?

Finally, try to include an MWE.py (thank you for doing this), and
clearly state your problem along with the observed software behavior.
For example "I tried to do XYZ, but for some reason Yade does ABC." If
there is an error - don't forget to post it.

I will take a shot in the dark and guess that you want to save the plotted data? Yade doc to the rescue [3][4]. Of course, you can also collect data with basic python file writing tools too. 




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