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Re: [Question #669990]: error using saveVtk() to get tesselation geometry


Question #669990 on Yade changed:

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rhaven is still having a problem:
Hi Bruno,
I am trying with several different packings, indeed one of the testing packings has overlapping spheres. However I have also just used makeClound to generate a packing of non overlapping spheres and I have the same issue. 
Ive put a MWE at https://pastebin.com/bxCKYu99

To test with the other packing would be to uncomment
	sp = ymport.textExt('/tmp/divided.txt',format='x_y_z_r_attrs',attrs=attrs)
	n = max(int(a[0]) for a in attrs)+1
	colors = [randomColor() for _ in xrange(n)]
	agglomerates = [[] for _ in xrange(n)]
	for s,a in zip(sp,attrs):
	   aa = int(a[0])
	   s.agglomerate = aa
	   s.shape.color = colors[aa]
	for a in agglomerates:

and the packing https://pastebin.com/H5Bcfn26

hope this helps to clarify
many thanks

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