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Displaying bounding pores in PFV engine and derivatives


Dear YADE/PFV[1] users,
Most users of PFV or 2PFV fluid engines probably wanted to display the pores adjacent to the boundaries one day, but it was not possible. Following [2] it is now possible to see them if enabled explicitely with saveVtk(...,withBoundaries=True) or savePhaseVtk(...,withBoundaries=True). The default is False for the moment but it might well be switched to True after some stabilization.

Feel free to discuss the feature here, and to report bugs on Launchpad.
The feature could be ported to TesselationWrapper as well, but the need for it seems less clear in that case.



[1] FlowEngine, TwoPhaseFlowEngine, DFNFlowEngine, SoluteFlowEngine (and to some extent PeriodicFlowEngine, but bugs are to be expected in that case) [2] https://github.com/yade/trunk/commit/18a983478bb9d82fefa1e3635d3040b9b9066136 (and following commits)


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