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Re: [Question #670047]: Determining macro parameters in uniaxial compression


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Aníbal Sánchez Numa posted a new comment:
I'm sorry to say there are many things in your reply I don't understand.
Getting Young's modulus from the plot seems to be easy, I have to ask,
if I modify the test to use just compression (the original first make
tension and then compression) I can still get Young from the initial
slope of the plot?? And likewise, maximum and minimum value would
correspond to tensile  and compressive strength?? Regarding Poisson's
ratio...computing "lateral displacement of particles" seems
incomprehensible for me...so I guess I should do it the other way you
say... So, what should I modify in the code to convert it to "uniaxial
strain conditions (oedometric test)" and how could I compute oedometric
module??? Please, could you explain me what oedometric module is??

Thanks in advance

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