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[Question #670154]: How to use dem-fem coupling program to analyze soil-tire contact


New question #670154 on Yade:

Hi all,
I am trying to analyze contact problems between soil and off-road tire by dem-fem coupling program developed by Jan Stránský (Ref[1]). However, I have some problems with constructing the simulation especially because I am not familiar with OOFEM.

The tire is represented by FEM and I am trying to apply DeadWeight on the tire to apply gravity force.
I tried the code below based on the example ‘surf1_oofem.py’, which is included in the coupling program, but the error occurs.
And I am also not sure that the argument of DeadWeight is correct.
Is it possible to use DeadWeight with the coupling program?

ltf = liboofem.loadTimeFunction("constantFunction",1,f_t=0)
bc = liboofem.boundaryCondition(1, domain, loadTimeFunction=1, prescribedValue=0.0)
dw = liboofem.deadWeight(2, domain, components=[3,0.0,0.0,-9.81], loadTimeFunction=1)

AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'deadweight'

And is it possible to apply constant pressure on the surface of the tire to represent the internal air pressure of tire?
I think ConstantSurfaceLoad is suitable for this purpose but using ConstantSurfaceLoad causes the same error as the DeadWeight above.

I am also trying to apply force or torque to rotate the tire at constant rotational velocity. Then is it possible to apply additional force on the tire made by FEM mesh by Yade’s module like O.forces.addF()?


[1] https://github.com/stranskyjan/dem-fem-coupling

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