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Re: [Question #670169]: informations about packing


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jacopo is still having a problem:
I can t save The particles position And use IT for all The runs Becouse when i change The material parameters The particles change their interactions And have To do again the deposition, i m Also lunching with more cores.... What Is the seed parameter? Or do you think that this Is not a problem? Like ones time i reach the right result I will continue to  use The same deposition for all the next test, But i know that if i remake The same deposition the results could change a lit.... Is IT acceptable this for yade users? ( please if you can explain me The seed parameter And provide an example) will change In The same way the result?
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Inviato: mercoledì 13 giugno 2018 10:38:39
A: Jacopo Varriale
Oggetto: Re: [Question #670169]: informations about packing

Your question #670169 on Yade changed:

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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:

> spheres=pack.randomDensePack(...

randomDensePack, as the name of the function suggests, creates a random
packing. You have different packing and therefore different results for
each run.

A solution is to run the randomDensePack once (in an external script?),
save the positions and use the saved values for all next runs. You can
also specify memoizeDb parameter to save/load the packing automatically
to a file.

Another option is to use SpherePack.makeCloud with seed parameter.

Also running the program on multiple cores leads to non-unique results
(too lazy to search corresponding question :-)


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