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Re: [Question #670169]: informations about packing


Question #670169 on Yade changed:

Bruno Chareyre proposed the following answer:
I think you are posing a solutionless problem.
First, if you don't want different results from two impact simulations, initialize them with the same deposited positions.
By repeating two depositions you created the problem you are now trying to solve (as technically explained by Jan).

I understand you would like to measure the effects of small changes of
input parameters (e.g. changing Poisson from 0.2 to 0.2001) ant so you
don't like to be dominated by random fluctuations, but what you are
after is not possible.

You could examine the effect of any parameter which lets you re-use the
same deposited positions: timestep, contact friction, impact velocity...
It would show you that in all cases a very small change of one input
parameter can lead to unbounded change of the response - even if you ran
just one deposition throughout the process. The only solution is to do
some statistics on a large number of runs with same micro-parameter and
different depositions,  it cannot be turned into a deterministic problem
just by sticking to one deposition.


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