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Re: [Question #670282]: about cpm material


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:

> After some timr it runs

next time please try to be more specific.. a few time steps? hundreds of
thousand time steps? ... just to know what to expect during testing

as the error says, epsN (normal strain) of an interaction is NaN. This
is maybe because the in CpmMat the implementation of Sphere-
GridConnection is missing [1] and refLength, needed for correct
computations, is not set.

Sepcifying spheremat (otherwise their material is the last O.materials.appended, i.e. CpmMat) of gridConnections (which sounds logical to me) solves the problem.
O.bodies.append( gridConnection(i,j,r,color=color,material='spheremat') )



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