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Re: [Question #670169]: informations about packing


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Bruno Chareyre posted a new comment:
Let me amend the first part of #8 for future reference, else the post sounds self contradictory.
#8 says:
"if you don't want different results from two impact simulations, initialize them with the same deposited positions."

That is, if you don't want to SEE that the results can be different,
initialize with same positions. It will only work as long as everything,
strictly all parameters, are the same, and if you don't run in parallel.
If you change the last digit of something or if you run in parallel it
is always random.

Conclusion: it is useless to seek repeatability, since the corresponding
result is not superior in any way to a randomized output. It is like
claiming that a sensor is better than another because the measurement
error of the former, though unknown, is always the same. What we want
from a sensor is the error to be small, not to be repeatable (*).


(*) An error here is what would remain after calibration. Forget "if
it's repeatable it can be calibrated" since it would not help for the
above problem - there is no way to calibrate.

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