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Re: [Question #670487]: How to extract force-displacement data and how to generate stress output in paraview


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Jérôme Duriez proposed the following answer:

Since you're using plot.addData() [*] and plot.saveDataTxt() functions, it seems you know how to save YADE variables in a text file.
Is your question rather about "which YADE variables correspond to force and displacement (instead of stress and strain)" ?

This seems rather a Paraview question. You have general instructions for importing YADE data into Paraview at https://yade-dem.org/doc/user.html#id3.
Looking into "display" options of Paraview, you should be able to color your Paraview glyphs/points (that correspond to YADE spheres) according to some stress quantity defined at the particle scale.

Note that VTKExporter can export two kinds of stress quantities : one
"stress" I do not know personally, and another "bstresses" which is used
for instance in [Duriez2016] from https://yade-
dem.org/doc/publications.html, section 2.4 and elsewhere.

Do not hesitate to precise your questions in case this answer is not precise enough ;-)
But better do it in two separate Launchpad question.


[*] note that you're using a deprecated syntax for this function, see

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