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Re: [Question #670047]: Determining macro parameters in uniaxial compression


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Aníbal Sánchez Numa is still having a problem:
Hello Jan:

Thanks so much for your reply. I had a hard time at first understanding
the 3D Hooke's law part but in the end I think I got something (very few
though). I see there are 6 components for stress and strain so I guess
they represent an axis (x,y,z) plus a sign (+,-) (am I right??). With
the second formula (provided I have already calculated E) I could get nu
(Poisson's ratio) but how could I get e22 and e33 (strain on the other
axis I guess) since for the UniaxialStrainer I just have one strain (now
I guess it is on the stress'axis)... should I rerun the simulation to
make the uniaxial stress on the other axis and come back then to the
formula?? Supossing this assumptions were right what strain should I get
(e22 and e33) since in the simulation the strain and stress are always
changing... which leads me to think that I don't really understand the
formulas since I don't get the idea...(I don't know which stress[s11] I
should use because likewise stress is always changing, the only "fixed"
value I have is Young's modulus E)...

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