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Re: [Question #670255]: Modelling a Homogenous slope with properties of rock


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Luc Scholtès proposed the following answer:
Please have another look at the files in the
/trunk/examples/jointedCohesiveFrictionalPM/ folder. Read the README
file and you should be able to run your simulation.

The process is as follows (there is another more concise option for
advanced users but this one presents the advantage to define each step

1 - create a packing to represent the slope with the packInGtsSurface.py (from a .gts file)
2 - create a joint as a meshed surface (.stl). You can create the surface with the same software that you used to create the slope geometry (the .gts file) or you can try to create it directly from inside the yade script as explained in the gravityBis.py. At first, I would suggest to create it from the software.
3 - At this stage, you have a packing (.spheres) and a joint (.stl) and you need to identify the particles belonging to each side of the joint. You need to launch the identificationSphereOnJoint.py to do so. Then, you'll get 2 new files containing the information needed to run your simulation.
4 - Run your simulation (see gravityLoading.py for a simple simulation where the slope first stabilizes under gravity and then the joint is activated).

Once you are familiar with this, you will be able to think about the
calculation of the FoS. If you want to calculate the FoS of a slope
containing a single persistent joint, you don't need to run a numerical
simulation. Then, if you plan to define rock bridges in your model (non
persitent joints), you will have to define a FoS. Bonilla proposed one
FoS based on a strength reduction method which relates the strength of
the rock material at failure to its initial strength. This FoS is valid
only if you have rock bridges which stabilize the slope.

Please, try to open more specific questions next time so we know exactly
the problem you are facing.

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