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Re: [Question #670255]: Modelling a Homogenous slope with properties of rock


Question #670255 on Yade changed:

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Luc Scholtès proposed the following answer:

'refPoint' is not defined simply means that the variable 'refPoint' is
not defined.

This refPoint is defined in the original script as one of the particle
located on the top corner of the moving part of the cubic sample (see
lines 78 to 88 in your script). It is used afterward to monitor the
velocity and displacement of the moving block (see line 108 and 109 in
the recorder). My guess is that the test done in line 79 (which aims at
finding a particle at the top of the 'slope') is not adapted to your
geometry and thus the reference point (which is a particle) does not
exist in your case.

You then have 2 solutions to avoid the error message:

- comment every lines related to this 'refPoint' (but you will not have any record of the slope movements)
- adapt line 79 to identify the refPoint in your geometry


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