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Re: [Question #676183]: About Clump's Velocity Initialization


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Jérôme Duriez proposed the following answer:

I think you have two problems:

1. Your bodies (including the clump) are dynamic, ie they can not have
in general (unless they do not sustain any force/interaction) a constant
velocity, equal to the one you defined.

Then, the velocity you defined is only an initial velocity, and what
happens afterwards depends on interaction possibilities (there are some,
here), and kinetic energy might turn into interaction energy (velocity
may vanish)

See https://yade-dem.org/doc/user.html#motion-constraints

(this is not clump-specific)

2. In the specific case of clump, it seems you need to (logically ?) deal with dynamic and velocity attributes at the clump body level.
Hence, adding
O.bodies[clumpId].dynamic = False

and replacing

should do what you want

Note that I'm not really a clump user, so better check yourself.

PS: note that in general, looking at the 3D view to know whether bodies move or not is generally misleading because displacements upon the DEM cycles get usually unnoticed to the eye. Better check bodies state.vel (which confirms the GUI impression here)

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