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Re: [Question #676183]: About Clump's Velocity Initialization


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:

> clumpId=O.bodies.appendClumped([sphereBig,sphereSmall])

O.bodies.appendClumped returns (id of clump, list of id of members). So it is usually used like this (it is more readable):
clumpId, memberIds = O.bodies.appendClumped(...)
this will also solve your problem 2

> I want ... give one of them initial speed

You can assign a velocity to a clump member. However, the value is overwritten from the values of the clump. This is why your approach does not work.
Alternatively, you can assign velocity and angular velocity to the clump.

> If you assign a function clumpId [0], although it does not make an
error, the detection speed is still zero.

what is "detection speed"?


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