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Re: [Question #676450]: Uploading simulation files to Amazon HPC


Question #676450 on Yade changed:

    Status: Open => Needs information

Robert Caulk requested more information:
>>Yes, indeed I have entered exactly the Public DNS of my instance.

Your questions shows otherwise. IF you are hoping for someone to find an
error in the command you are using, I guess you should post the actual
commands you are using? Otherwise we are just spinning our wheels here

What folder is your KeyPair.pem in?

At the risk of redundancy, and more wheel spinning: path/to/KeyPair.pem
should not be taken literally. "path/to/" should be replaced with the
actual directory folder path on your computer.

You mentioned in in the private email that this is the first time you've
used Linux. Consider working through the Yade tutorial [1] before
launching remote Yade instances by shell.


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