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Re: [Question #676451]: optimize camputational time for vibrated granular media


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Andrea Plati is still having a problem:
In order to have a good comparison we have to make the statistics once 
the system has reached the stationary state after the grains have been 
poured in the container (from 20k to 30k is still a transient). I give 
you the results for the mean speed (Nstep/realseconds) between 50k and 
500k step namely after the pouring for both cases.



the number that i gave to you in the first question were just to an idea 
hoping that someone else had already done this analysis :)

but the situation is almost the same: increasing the number of grains 
the ratio between the mean velocities increase in favor of LAMMPS.

In the same time interval i obtain for YADE:


while 300/2600=0.12

thus YADE seems to be not linear in this kind of setup.


On 11/29/18 5:17 PM, Bruno Chareyre wrote:
> Your question #676451 on Yade changed:
> https://answers.launchpad.net/yade/+question/676451
>      Status: Open => Answered
> Bruno Chareyre proposed the following answer:
> After rolling back to your version with sphere insertion the perfs are
> still more or less the same (6.7s instead of 5.5s for 2k spheres).
> This is measured between iterations 20k and 30k because I lack patience to run 1e6.
> Let us know if you find very different results.
> Bruno

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