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Re: [Question #676451]: optimize camputational time for vibrated granular media


Question #676451 on Yade changed:

Bruno Chareyre proposed the following answer:
It is not directly related to computation time but do you know that
right after adder() there is a burst of kinetic energy because you
insert new spheres through the previous ones (randomly overlapping in
the same volume)?

I think I realize why this non linearity appears: you increase the number of particles without changing their size hence the coordination number is increasing. 2400 spheres is when the box is maximally filled, leading to a non linear change between 2000 and 2400.
Maybe ligghts implementation of Hertz is more efficient and then this effect is less visible? I also suspect Ig2_Facet_Sphere, which generates and manipulate matrices every time even for virtual interactions [1].

This is actually a strange case to test scaling since the number of
spheres cannot exceed ~2500 by definition...



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