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[Question #676621]: problems of surface coupling of DEM-FEM


New question #676621 on Yade:

Hi everyone,
I did a dem-fem surface couplering base on the updated code of Jan  Stranský surf-example and modified.

Here is the code git: https://github.com/Dez2018/dez.git

 I first ran the 'yade-preproc.py' to generate the geom of polyhedra with the file 'surf7-polyhedra.dat' (by the way, I didn't use the libyade but used the yadedaily), and then I ran the 'surf7.sh' shell to run the project. 

The project aimed to : 
first step: to generate the sample of ballast just in YADE. 
second step: make DEM-FEM coupling and load on the last polyhedra which is the loading plate with sin function. 

But I have met some problem of it. 
The warning was shown as: InsertionSortCollider.cpp:240 action: verletDist is set to 0 because no spheres were found. It will result in suboptimal performances, consider setting a positive verletDist in your script. terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error' what(): Undefined or ambiguous IPhys dispatch for types FrictMat and PolyhedraMat. Aborted (core dumped) 

So what's the problem?


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