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Re: [Question #676831]: control the porosity


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Jan Stránský requested more information:
Hi Feng,

please be more informative. There are too many unknowns..

> I'm reproducing a paper on isotropic compression

never hurts to mention which one :-) actually it might be very important

> My material is exactly the same as the numerical value in the paper.

Is also the constitutive law the same? Damping? Time step? Loading and stop conditions? ....
Material itself is necessary but definitely not at all sufficient condition to get the same results..
What software is used in the paper? 

> I used 1/100th of his particles and magnified them 100 times

what was the original number of particles? 1000? 1,000,000?

> I ended up 30 percent less porosity than he was. Does adjusting the
number and size of particles really have that much effect on porosity?

maybe yes and maybe no :-) for relevant comparison, it would be good to
use your method and reproduce the original number of particles and
compare it to the reduced problem. Maybe your simulation with original
number of particles also differs 30% from the paper and the difference
lies somewhere else than number of particles..


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