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[Question #676855]: Dose Liboofem lack druckerPrager module?


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Hi everyone,
Recently, I am trying the surface coupler of DEM and FEM, and I used material of Drucker Prager plastic material in liboofem as following:
'import liboofem'
'mat = liboofem.DruckerPrager(1, domain, d=1950, tAlpha=0, E=2e6, n=0.23, alpha=0.23, h=1)',
but the error message showed 'no module of 'DruckerPrager'', I tried different name of that such as 'druckerprager' which is illustrated in file 'DruckerPragerPlasticitySM.h' or others, but it didn't work, so did the liboofem lack the druckerPrager module? or how to invoke it in liboofem?
DE Zhang

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