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Re: [Question #678425]: kenetic Energy of particles


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hafsa is still having a problem:
hi Jan,
thank you for your answer 
but i obtain another error :

oadcast_arrays(*args, **kwargs)
    250     args = [np.array(_m, copy=False, subok=subok) for _m in args]
--> 252     shape = _broadcast_shape(*args)
    254     if all(array.shape == shape for array in args):

/home/hafsa/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/numpy/lib/stride_tricks.pyc in _broadcast_shape(*args)
    185     # use the old-iterator because np.nditer does not handle size 0 arrays
    186     # consistently
--> 187     b = np.broadcast(*args[:32])
    188     # unfortunately, it cannot handle 32 or more arguments directly
    189     for pos in range(32, len(args), 31):

 how can i obtain the overage kenetic energy of spheres 
#energy kenetic

def plotAddData():
   for b in O.bodies:
      if (type(b.shape)==Sphere):
         Ek = O.energy['kinetic']

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