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Re: [Question #678440]: young in PeriTriaxController


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jamespaul posted a new comment:
Thank you so much,I always trouble you.I've been losing sleep over this
for a few nights. Please help me.(ㄒoㄒ)

>Depending on stiffness of particles, pseudo-mass of the cell, and damping, it will oscillate more or less.
Related parameters in PeriTriaxController: growDamping, mass, maxStrainRate.

As young's modulus increases (6e10), how do I set these values.It's a
shame that I lack knowledge of physics. I don't have any experience.

I checked the documentation.

Damping of cell resizing (0=perfect control, 1=no control at all); see also wallDamping in TriaxialStressController.

mass of the cell (user set); if not set and dynCell is used, it will be computed as sum of masses of all particles.

I'm using dynCell, and I think it will compute as sum of masses of all
particles automatically.

3.maxStrainRate(=Vector3r(1, 1, 1))
Maximum strain rate of the periodic cell.

I set it to(0,0,0)

Should I also reduce the step size as the young's modulus increases?

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