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Re: [Question #678558]: principle of contact detection about polyhedra


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> i create many polyhedra to make them collison with each ohter, but
when the numble of particles reach to 2000, the simulation become very

polyhedrons are much more complex than spheres, so also the performance
is much worse just from this point of view

> i want to know the principle of the contact detection between
polyhedra to find out how can i improve the performance.

Theory: [1], Elias2013, Elias2014
implementation: [2] pkg/dem/Polyedra*

The implementation could be improved (e.g. I remember a few places, where an instance of a non-trivial class is passed by value where passed by reference would be sufficient).
disclaimer: I have **NO idea** how much would be the gain.

Also I have a long time this idea in my mind: implement tetrahedrons as
efficiently as possible and build generic polyhedron as a clump of these
tetrahedrons. The question is if many "faster" tetrahedrons would be
faster or not than one "slow" polyhedron.


[1] https://yade-dev.gitlab.io/trunk/publications.html
[2] https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/trunk/tree/master/pkg/dem

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