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Re: [Question #678645]: Shrinkage of particles


Question #678645 on Yade changed:

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Alireza Sadeghi gave more information on the question:
Dear Jan,

Thank you very much for your consideration. Actually , I want to reduce
the particles' size in specific area for each iteration (time step), for

r1= (1-5e-10) r0

where r0 is initial radius of particle in each iteratition and r1 is the
final radius at the end of specific iteratition.

> do you mean growParticle(), or really grow.Particle()?
growParticle() doesn't work. It was a mistake in dictation :)

> please again, always be as specific as possible. Did you get an error?
If yes, which? ? The particles did not grow/shrink? ...?

with growParticle() the particles disappeared. I don't know why. In
addition, via the code

for i in O.bodies:
 if isinstance(i.shape,Sphere) and i.state.pos[2]<-46e-3 and i.state.pos[2]>-48e-3:

the radius will be reduced instantly. but I want their reduction in each

Thank you very much for your help.

Best Regards


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