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[Question #678679]: Rectangular bar discretised with bonded spherical elements with periodic B.C.'s


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*!YADE newbie !*


I'm trying to discretise a 2D rectangular bar with spherical elements (just a single layer of spheres in the x-y plane) of approx. length (L-R) = 50 cm and width (B-T) = 5 cm, max_radius ~ 6e-04 m , min_radius ~ 2.5e-04 m. Material parameters can be arbitrary.

I want to impose periodic boundary conditions (particles on Left edge are repeated on Right side and have equal x-displacements e.g.  particle A on LHS with x = 0 and y = 3 will be copied and placed at R.H.S. with lets say x = 50, y = 3 and in a sense are master-slave pairs with equal x displacements. Similarly for the top and bottom edges but with equal y-displacements.)

The end goal is to achieve avg. coordination no. > 5.5.

I have tried my luck with examples of periodic B.C.'s given in GitHub repository of YADE, but failed to achieve anything useful.

I will be grateful for any help.

Thank you in advance,


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