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Re: [Question #678796]: Periodic triaxial test


Question #678796 on Yade changed:

    Status: Open => Needs information

Robert Caulk requested more information:

Usually for the sake of organization, we try to limit each thread to one
question [3]. Thank you for your future cooperation!

>> 1.How can I control strain in the "PeriTriaxController"?
With [1].

>>2.Is it possible to add shear on the boundary condition with this engine?
According to the example script, you would use O.cell.vellGrad [2]

>> 3. The code does not draw "plot.plots={('ezz'):('szz')}".
It is tough to diagnose the problem without any reports of a symptom :-) Please describe your symptom(s) so that I can try to help you [3]




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