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Re: [Question #678982]: about TriaxialStressController


Question #678982 on Yade changed:

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Robert Caulk proposed the following answer:

> I want to do a simulation of triaxial test similar to periodic
triaxial test [1] but its boundary is not priodic.

As pointed out by Jerome, script-session1.py is an example of a non-
periodic triaxial test. Not only that, but it also shows you exactly how
to switch from isotropic stress to stress in x and y with strain in z.
It seems it is in your best interest to follow along that script. For
documentation's sake, I will re convey from script-session1.py to here:

stress 10 kpa on x y z (bitmask-> 1 1 1)

triax.stressMask = x*1 + y*2 + z*4 = 7
triax.goal1 = triax.goal2 = triax.goal3 = 10 kpa

stress x y 10 kpa, strain z 0.2 (bitmask -> 1 1 0):

triax.stressMask = 3
triax.goal1=triax.goal2 = 10 kpa
triax.goal3 = -0.2


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