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Re: [Question #678982]: about TriaxialStressController


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Robert Caulk proposed the following answer:
> in the second section of it (deviatoric part) it doesn't stop when it
reach to -0.2 strain in z direction. What can I do for it?

As highlighted by the documentation [1], triax.stressMask assigns a
strain rate. Therefore,  I don't expect Yade to stop straining with that
strain rate until intervened. How to intervene really depends on your
problem and what you want to solve. In all cases you will want to
periodically check your strain values and take action (e.g. change
stress conditions, pause the simulation, save the packing etc) after
some criteria is met. This is most commonly achieved using a tool called
a "PyRunner", which is already exemplified in the triaxial example
script [1] and is also very well documented in [3] and [4] :-)


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