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Re: [Question #679295]: basic question concerning the oedemeter test code


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Robert Caulk proposed the following answer:

>>1- "while 1:" (see *****1*****): what is exactly the condition "1" ??
what does this instruction mean

1 is equivalent to "True" for logic statements in Python.  That while
loop will run until "break" is called.

>>2- How do you control exactly the order of the different processes:

I think the Yade tutorial will help you understand Yade syntax and the
methods for how Yade scripts work [1].  Every time you call "O.run(xxx)"
you are telling Yade to cycle through the engine list you've created,
xxx times. Any code between O.run(xxx) calls is simply modifying the
scene to start and stop the different processes. I guess the exact code
for how to control the processes is outlined in #A, #B, #C.




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