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Re: [Question #679311]: 2D simulation with clump


Question #679311 on Yade changed:

nie jiayan gave more information on the question:
Hello, Robert,

    Thanks for your reply and tips.

    Actually, for the first one, I have generated the clumps
successfully within the periodic cell, which do not contact with each
other. so when I run the sample using triax=PeriTriaxController(). it is
reasonable that values of  triax.stress increase from zero to the target
value, while it is not that in my simulation. It begins from a large
value,  and that is strange,  so I checked  the  contact force of the
overlapping spheres within clump, I found that exists. So I do not
figure it out. Why is that in my code?

    As for the second one, I reference this link that there is no interaction within the clumps.


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