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[Question #679695]: 'InteractiveShellEmbed' object has no attribute 'pt_cli'


New question #679695 on Yade:

Hi everybody,

I am trying to use Yade for my Master 2 project and I am facing an issue when trying to run it.
I compiled from source it did succeed without any error message.

Here is the full output :

Welcome to Yade 2019-03-14.git-8b073f5 
TCP python prompt on localhost:9000, auth cookie `aucsky'
XMLRPC info provider on http://localhost:21000
AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
/home/rmonthil/Documents/yade/install/bin/yade-2019-03-14.git-8b073f5 in <module>()
    333         import yade.qt
    334         qapp=QApplication(sys.argv)
--> 335         userSession(gui=gui,qapp=qapp)
    337 if __name__ == "__main__":

/home/rmonthil/Documents/yade/install/bin/yade-2019-03-14.git-8b073f5 in userSession(gui, qapp)
    228                 registry=None
    229                 # depending on version the keybindigs registry sits in different places
--> 230                 if getattr(ipshell, 'pt_cli'):
    231                         registry = ipshell.pt_cli.application.key_bindings_registry
    232                 if getattr(ipshell, 'pt_app', None):

AttributeError: 'InteractiveShellEmbed' object has no attribute 'pt_cli'

Do you have any clue to solve the issue ?

Thanks a lot !

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