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Re: [Question #680203]: Centos cluster running


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Bettina Suhr proposed the following answer:

it seems to me your problem is not related to the usage of a cluster.

Reading your error message, the problem is caused by the filterSpherePack() function.
In the docs of this function it says: “The packing will be recentered to match the predicate and warning is given if the predicate is larger than the packing.”  
Your predicate is not larger than your  packing, but has exactly the same dimensions (x,y,z coordinate), which might cause the trouble. 
The error message is: 
if dimP[0]>dimS[0] or dimP[1]>dimS[1] or dimP[2]>dimS[2]: warnings.warn("Packing's dimension (%s) doesn't fully contain dimension of the predicate (%s)."%(dimS,dimP))

Therefore, I would think that you can solve your problem in increasing
the size of your sphere pack in all three dimensions.

Hope it helps,

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