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Re: [Question #679544]: Best way to fix typos in documentation: source edit + git push?


Question #679544 on Yade changed:

    Status: Answered => Open

Gael Lorieul is still having a problem:

At last I am submitting the typo fixes in the documentation that I 
promised some time ago already… 😅 Following the documentation [1], I am 
sending it as a patch file attached to the present e-mail. [2]

It's not much, but hopefully it's just a start 😉



PS: perhaps I should be using the yade-dev mailing for such 
communication? If so I assume all I have to do is send an e-mail to the 
list? Unlike the yade-users mailing list where it is required to ask 
questions from the Launchpad interface?


The documentation presents three methods:
  1. Merge request from new branch in Yade repository. Requires me to be 
a member, which I am not.
  2. Merge request from a repository of my own. Requires to have "group 
runners", which I don't think I have. Also GitLab does not allow me to 
create a merge request to `yade-dev/trunk` from either the 
`yade-dev/trunk` page (no "Add merge request" item in the "+" menu), nor 
from the "+" menu of my own branch (which does have an "Add merge 
request" item, but does not let me select "yade-dev/trunk" as destination.
  3. Send git patch by e-mail: that's what I am doing 😉

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