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Re: [Question #679544]: Best way to fix typos in documentation: source edit + git push?


Question #679544 on Yade changed:

    Status: Answered => Open

Gael Lorieul is still having a problem:
Hi all!

On Fri, 3 May 2019 at 23:58, Gael Lorieul
 > First of all, Bruno Chareyre asked me for my GitLab.com user name,
 > [...] So I assume he was considering adding me to the list of team
 > members, possibly with reduced permissions?

El 03-05-19 a las 18:20, Bruno Chareyre escribió:
 > Done, sorry for delay!

El 06-05-19 a las 10:46, Janek Kozicki escribió:
 > Oh good. Now you are part of yade-dev team. Welcome:)
 > You will push to a branch on gitlab and make merge requests.

Awesome, thanks!
I will push something small soon to test all works as it should ;)

El 03-05-19 a las 18:20, Bruno Chareyre escribió:>
 > Please note that you sent reply to yade-users, feel free to use
 > yade-dev for any communication.

I will do so for future conversations, I just wanted to avoid a mess 
where the present conversation would be half in yade-users and half in 
yade-dev ;) .
Now I think the thread has reached to an end (hopefully, if all works as 
expected… XD ), so it does not matter very much anymore.

 > Are you french? Your name sounds so.

I am ;) but living on the other side of the planet for now!

Many thanks for your help!


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