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Re: [Question #681091]: installation problem


Question #681091 on Yade changed:

Janek Kozicki requested more information:
OK, so we are 100% certain that MPI was detected and enabled on your
system. And yet, OMPI_MAJOR_VER  is not defined, after including:

#include <mpi.h>

So, please tell me:

1. what is the mpi version installed on your system

2. do you have file /usr/lib/openmpi/include/mpi.h ?

3. what is the output of command:
dpkg -S mpi.h

4. Do you have package libopenmpi-dev  installed?

Please answer these questions before you attempt to change/install
anything on your system. Would be good for us to find out what went
wrong before you fix this by installing libopenmpi-dev (I suspect it is
not installed). And I am not sure why cmake thinks it is installed.

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