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[Question #681115]: How to plot vector plot in Paraview for particle displacement of simulation run in Yade?


New question #681115 on Yade:

Hi all,

I'm running a direct shear test simulation in Yade, and for postprocessing, I would like to plot vector plots (in ParaView) for particle displacement throughout the direct shear test simulation.

Initially, I use the "VTKRecorder" engine command and set "recorders='all' " to extract output files for postprocessing in ParaView later.

However, when I launch the VTU files for spheres in ParaView, and try to plot vector plot, i notice that there is no option of particle displacement.  My ultimate goal here is to plot vector plot for particle displacement, so it seems like the VTKRecorded engine command does not work for me.

Is there any other type of data I can extract from Yade which capture the particle displacement throughout simulation? SO that I can plot the vector plot based on particle displacement later in ParaView.

I forward my thanks for your kind attention on the matter above.

Nicholas Ng

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