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[Question #681341]: Move or scale a facet


New question #681341 on Yade:

How to move or scale a facet? In my opinion, 1. get the 3 vertices of the facet. 2. give a increment to x coordinate of the 3 vertices (e.g., move in x direction). 3. the facet move automatically, if not, use the new vertices to generate a new facet and remove the old one. 
But i find the vertices obtained by the method of 'body.shape.vertices'  are not the  vertices i use to define the facet. 
Here is the codes, 
### define a facet using 3 points 
v1 =(0,0,0)
v2 = (1,0,0)
v3 =(1,1,0)
f1 = facet((v1,v2,v3),wire=False)

### get the vertices of the facet 
for eb in O.bodies:

The result is, 
[Vector3(-0.7071067811865475,-0.2928932188134525,0), Vector3(0.29289321881345254,-0.2928932188134525,0), Vector3(0.29289321881345254,0.7071067811865475,0)]

So what is the meaning of the 3 vertices? How to move or scale a facet? 


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