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Re: [Question #681336]: core dumped - Eigen - Triangulation


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Son Pham Thai posted a new comment:
Hi Bruno,

Thank you for the response!

I have tried running triangulation without appending the cylinder facet,
but the error is still the same.

I have also tried replacing the cylinder facet with the boxes and still
got the same error.

The error  log:

negative volume for an ordinary pore (temp warning, should still be

python: /usr/include/eigen3/Eigen/src/Core/DenseCoeffsBase.h:408:
Eigen::DenseCoeffsBase<Derived, 1>::Scalar&
Eigen::DenseCoeffsBase<Derived, 1>::operator[](Eigen::Index) [with
Derived = Eigen::Matrix<double, 3, 1>; Eigen::DenseCoeffsBase<Derived,
1>::Scalar = double; Eigen::Index = long int]: Assertion `index >= 0 &&
index < size()' failed.

Best regards, 
Son Pham

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