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Re: [Question #681383]: problem of the unit of normal force in Law2_PolyhedraGeom_PolyhedraPhys_Volumetric


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> Real Kna = mat1->young

It is because PolyhedraMat derives from FrictMat. Meaning of 'young' in this case is stiffness modulus in normal direction, not strictly Young's modulus. It could be redesigned/renamed.
Actually Jan Elias, the original author, did not derived PolyhedraMat from FrictMat, but from Material. This change was done by me afterwards.. It has pros and cons..

> i have read some code in file examples/polyhedra,all the unit of young
is pa,which means that the unit of kn is pa too. can you explain that?

The comments are wrong


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