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Re: [Question #681532]: Are polyhedra aggregates of spheres?


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Damiana Catanoso is still having a problem:
Hi Jan,

Thank you very much, this is very helpful information: all aspects about
polyhedra are now clear.

>In general (as always :-) the proper choice depends on many factors (geometry, loading type, expected failure mode and results, ...)
Could you share some more details about the project?
Why do you want to use Yade/DEM and not another method (FEM)?

The scenario I have to simulate consists of: 1) drilling into a large
piece of ice and create ice fragments, then 2) scooping the ice. The
idea is to couple Yade with Gazebo (ROS), where I will have the model of
the robot executing the two tasks with two different end effectors. I
want to use Yade for the drilling + scooping phases. In particular, for
the drilling phase use a polyhedron, applying brief and intense
compression forces until it breaks into sub-polyhedra. Then repeat the
process until I get small polyhedra of the desired size. Then switch to
a sphere-approach for the scooping simulation (to reduce computational
cost) where the small polyhedra are discarded and replaced with small
clumps of spheres.  FEM would just simulate the ice-breaking process,
which is just one part of the project.

>One option is, as described, to use one big particle and then split it.
The other option is to use an "agglomerate" approach where the ice is approximated by (possibly spherical) cohesive particles. 

I would like to explore the "agglomerate" option as well. If I simulate
the piece of ice using an agglomerate of spheres, is it possible to
create bounds between particles which break under compression forces
according to the given failure criteria? I saw examples on how to build
particles clumps but I didn't find examples where the single clump
breaks into multiple clumps, which is what I need.

Thank you again for answering so quickly and efficiently!



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